Working together towards solving your healthcare concerns.
We believe teamwork is key.

The Team at Lucan St. Medical

Our Doctors

Dr. Buddhi Wickramasinghe (General Practitioner) MBBS, FRACGP

“Once Bendigo became my new home, my vision was to set up my own practice. I enjoy helping my patients take control of their health and being a trusted medical advisor.”

Dr. Buddhi moved to Bendigo in 2008, where he first worked at the Bendigo Health Emergency Department. He then undertook several other rotations, working towards his interest in General Practice. He embarked on a career in General Practice in 2011. He has previously garnered experience in Anaesthetics and Intensive Care.

He loves the variety that General Practice offers and enjoys its procedural aspects. He cares about positive outcomes, and is passionate about empowering patients in their healthcare.

He enjoys travelling, music and sport. He tried his luck in club cricket for a couple of years and now wishes he has more time to play tennis. He does not often miss an Australian Open.

Dr. Manjula Kodippiliarachchi (General Practitioner) MBBS, FRACGP

“I like the calm and unhurried nature of Bendigo. Life is meant to be savoured and there is no better place than Bendigo for this! I love the fact that there are friendly faces when I’m in town.“

During his time in General Practice, he realised he could mesh together his vision of a traditional family practice with his love of technology to improve patient care.

In addition to General Practice, he has experience in Emergency Medicine, Paediatrics, Surgery and Radiology. His special interest is in skin cancer surgery.

He relishes the unique position General Practitioners have in being able to see his patients grow as individuals, while supporting them in their health aspirations.

He has resided in Bendigo since 2010 and is truly a local. He enjoys tending to his organic garden in his spare time, and is an absolute car fanatic! (His particular love is for electric cars at the moment.)

Dr. Darshi Wickramasinghe (General Practitioner) MBBS, FRACGP

“I love what Bendigo has to offer – it’s got something for everyone. I love the friendliness of the people and the beauty of the city.”

Dr. Darshi has worked in General Practice since 2012. She first worked at Bendigo Health, before embarking on the General Practice pathway.

She has experience in Anaesthetics, Gynaecology, Psychiatry and Emergency Medicine.

For her, General Practice is much more than practicing medicine. It is the building of long-term relationships with patients to help them navigate their medical issues and general well-being. She is appreciative of the trust her patients place in her and is interested in being part of her patient’s ongoing challenges and achievements.

In her spare time, she enjoys being creative, whether it be baking, writing or creating art. She is a self-confessed science fiction addict, and a big Dr. Who fan!

Our Nursing Team

Laura Walkington (Practice Nurse)

“Bendigo, for me, is truly a wonderful place to live. From appreciation of an exhibit at the local art gallery to relaxing strolls in various resplendent gardens, our city is a host to many enjoyable activities. I am happy to call it my home.”

Laura has been nursing since 2012. She enjoys helping her patients focus on their health challenges and improve their overall well-being.

She believes that health is multi-faceted and is keenly aware of the many factors that play a role in achieving positive outcomes.

Laura has many interests out of work. She is dedicated to musical theatre. When she has the time, she enjoys baking and cooking and has a love for Italian cuisine.

Annette Linton (Practice Nurse)

“Bendigo is truly a cultural gem and from its beautiful heritage buildings to craft fairs and theatre, it never ceases to amaze me.”

Annette was drawn to nursing by her passion for being part of her patient’s healthcare experience. She believes in making her patient’s journey as positive as possible. Annette’s enthusiasm for her role only enhances the part she plays in being a member of the practice’s clinical team.

At leisure, Annette enjoys the company of her family and friends. She loves to delve into a good book and has a passion for exploring antique and collectible fairs.

Our Administrative Team

Hayley Peake (Senior Medical Receptionist)

“I’ve always felt especially connected to Bendigo, having grown up here. Being a part of the torchlight processions with my family is a cherished memory of my younger days.”

Hayley has garnered many years of experience and is a highly skilled medical receptionist. She enjoys the fast-paced nature of her work, striving for efficiency so that her team can provide the clinic’s patients with the best possible medical care.

When she is not at work, Hayley loves playing netball. Her other passion is her photography – there have not been many occasions where she has been parted from her camera!

Julie Thomas (Medical Receptionist)

“I have been lucky in having the best of both worlds, having been born and raised in beautiful Bendigo, yet being so close to Melbourne that I can support my favourite footy team.”

Julie has a wealth of experience in administration and she brings to Lucan St. Medical her skills and knowledge, which will enhance the growth of the clinic. She loves interacting with her patients and working in a collaborative team.

In her free time, Julie enjoys exploring the many restaurants that Bendigo is proud to be host to, keeping active and discovering the great walking tracks in her local surrounds.

Melissa Hurley (Medical Receptionist)

“The connection I have to Bendigo is manifold, from its inherent charm and architectural beauty to the plentiful opportunities to raise children.”

Melissa has always been passionate about contributing to her workplace and has a keen awareness of improving processes to aid this. She has had many years of working at medical reception and strives for an efficient working environment.

When Melissa is away from her desk, she may be found renovating homes with her husband or enjoying the local cafe experience with her friends. She has a love of reading, particularly in the genre of Australian true crime and forensic psychology and is quite the armchair detective!

Lynne Neller (Medical Receptionist)

“I have always appreciated the relaxed, welcoming atmosphere that Bendigo offers. We are so lucky to have so many wonderful eateries and nature trails.”

Lynne has a love of meeting and connecting with people from all walks of life and working in General Practice has certainly made this possible. Her enthusiasm in helping people is backed by her strong belief that health is one of the the most valuable things in life one can have. 

Lynne’s leisurely pursuits are many and she enjoys getting in touch with nature while bike riding and going for walks with her dog. She is also an avid reader, particularly of crime novels, and treasures time spent with friends and does admit to being quite the sweet tooth!